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R&A Coronation Foursomes

The R&A Coronation Foursomes were first played as an 18-hole medal foursome, in 1953 to commemorate the Queen's Coronation. The finals were played at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club, and were limited to 150 pairs which included 25 pairs from overseas.

The format continued as medal and by 1969 three finals were held, one each in Scotland, North England and Southern England. Ten final places were still kept for Commonwealth players. An extra final was added in Scotland in 1977. A Midlands final was added in 1980, a 2nd final in the South was added in 1985, then during the early 90's a Welsh final, another Midlands and Northern final.

The Grand Final at St Andrews was first played in 2001 and in 2005 it became a Stableford Foursomes event instead of medal. Since 2008 the winners of the Grand Final have been invited to play in the Pro-Am at the Women's British Open the following year. In 2009 Ireland were included in the event with two area finals being held there, bringing the total number of area finals to 16.

The R&A Coronation Foursomes continue to grow in popularity with more than 25,000 female golfers from 1,200 clubs having competed in 2017 and is Great Britain & Ireland’s biggest event for female club golfers.

The Trophies that are now presented at the Grand Finals were donated in 2000 by the then Ladies’ Golf Union President Bridget Jackson MBE. They were manufactured in Birmingham by Joseph Gloster in 1977 and the hallmark includes the Queens Head as it was a Jubilee Year.