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Format and Field

Women's Amateur Asia-Pacific Championship

The format of the Women’s Amateur Asia-Pacific will be 72 holes of stroke play.

Players will be invited to participate from member countries of the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation based on the World Amateur Golf RankingTM.  

The field size will be 83 players and only countries with players in the World Amateur Golf Ranking are invited to participate.  The following process will be used to invite players to the championship:

Category A – 6 players per country

Countries with at least 20 players in the WAGR or at least one player in the WAGR Top 100.

Category B – 4 players per country

Countries with 6 – 19 players in the WAGR.

Category C – 1 player per country

Countries with 1 – 5 players in the WAGR.

Category D – 2 players

The host country (Abu Dhabi) will be invited to select an additional two players.

Category E – 5 invited players

The WAAP will retain the right to invite an additional 5 players either from any country in the Asia-Pacific region, provided that these players are able to compete at the appropriate level for the championship. The maximum handicap for such players will be 5.4.