The R&A - Working for Golf

Public Rooms

"One little snuggery to the right of the entrance-door displays in a glass case the disused implements of the game, and they look like the monitory flintlocks in curious armouries, which tell of new devices. A step or two further on, and you are at the kindly steward's bar, in the principal hall, where, as in all club-houses, you get what you want and sometimes more than is good for you."

South Room

This was the original Reading Room and remained as such until the 1925 remodel.  The central display area, which is in fact a safe, was added in 1909.  The medals, which the members compete for during the Spring and Autumn Meetings, are displayed in the safe, along with two of the ceremonial Silver Clubs.

The room was completely redecorated in 1994, with the addition of new display cases and the specially commissioned stained glass windows.  It is also known as the Trophy Room.

Big Room

The Big Room is the heart of the Club.  On its walls hang some of the finest works of golfing art in the world.  The lockers, which surround the walls, are given to the longest serving members of the Club. 


This was the original billiard room, which became the dining room in 1899 and remained as such until 1925.  It was completely redecorated in 1995 when the current bookcases were installed.

North Room

Originally constructed as a billiard room in 1874, it became a parlour room in 1899 and was redecorated in 1995.

Snooker Room

This room was added in 1925 and served as both the Secretary’s office and a meeting room for committees.  After the Secretary’s office moved upstairs in 1956, it continued to be used as a meeting room and in 2002 it was turned into the snooker room.

Dining Room

The dining room is approached by a staircase, which was built in 1990.   The space was originally divided into four rooms, consisting of two dressing rooms, a box (or locker) room and a card room.  Surprisingly, the card room was at the eastern end and did not look out onto the course.  The whole area became the dining room in 1925, with a major alteration to create more seating taking place in 1990.

The Clubhouse Manager’s Office

No longer a public room, this much-altered space in the south east corner of the building, was the original dining room.  It was the Secretary’s office from 1899 until 1925, when the space was reduced in size by the introduction of a staircase to the basement.  It was subsequently used for golf cart and bag storage until 2002.