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Information regarding the merger of the LGU and The R&A

The merger of the Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU) and The R&A came into effect on 1 January 2017.

The LGU’s business operations and staff have been integrated with The R&A’s group of companies.



More information about the merger is available below.

What has happened to the LGU’s Championships and International Matches?

The R&A has assumed responsibility for the organisation and administration of the LGU’s championships and international matches following the merger.

We are pleased to confirm that online entries are now open for all 2017 championships and participants can enter by visiting the Championships section of our website.

Essential information about each championship, including conditions of competition, competitor entry, draws, live scoring, history and venue is also available. 

How can I enter the Coronation Foursomes?

The Coronation Foursomes is open to all members of affiliated golf clubs in Great Britain & Ireland who hold a current CONGU Handicap of 36 or under.

What will happen to the LGU Order of Merit?

The WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKING™ (WAGR™) is used by The R&A to determine entry criteria for its amateur championships and selection for international matches.

The Great Britain and Ireland Women's Order of Merit, previously known as the LGU Order of Merit, can be found here.

What will happen to LGU subscriptions?

The merger will result in the phasing out of the LGU subscription, currently £2.50 per member, which is collected from women members of golf clubs affiliated to the organisation. The subscription will continue to apply in 2017 but will be phased out thereafter. The subscriptions collected in 2016 and 2017 will be used exclusively to help fund operations that support women’s golf.

Is it still possible to support Breast Cancer Now?

Clubs and individuals can continue to support Breast Cancer Now by undertaking fundraising activities directly with the charity. The Breast Cancer Now website provides information to clubs about to raising funds specifically for the charity. LGU brooches will no longer be on sale. Instead The R&A will make a donation to Breast Cancer Now to continue supporting their activities.

What has happened to the flat previously let by the LGU?

The flat previously let by the LGU will now be managed by an external agency and will no longer be available for short term lets.

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