The R&A - Working for Golf

Managing personnel

Get the most from your greenstaff by giving them direction, purpose and ownership.

The quality of the golf course will largely be determined by those given the responsibility to manage it. Clear direction as to what the course has to provide to attract and retain its customer base is essential. Those managing the course must understand and be committed to the objectives set out in the Course Policy Document, while also being equipped with the necessary qualifications and skills to devise and implement successful management programmes. They must also have access to the resources, in terms of staff, materials and machinery, that will be required to achieve the desired outcomes.

The human resource needed to develop greater sustainability will require:

  • a sufficient number of staff
  • the identification of staff members best suited to specific tasks
  • provision of training to achieve necessary skill levels 
  • the development of multi-skilled personnel for greater efficiency and flexibility
  • all staff to fully understand their individual roles in the business and how they are contributing to its overall success
  • effective communication to ensure the development of a motivated and focused workforce
  • acceptance of a duty of care for staff, with policies in place that look after their health and well-being.

Managing your human resource successfully can be facilitated by keeping records on staff time allocation and personnel management.