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World Handicap System | Player Journey

The World Handicap System

A modern handicap system for all golfers everywhere

The World Handicap System (WHS) was launched in January 2020 and will provide golfers with a unified and more inclusive handicapping system for the first time.

Though many countries adopted the new system in January, the system will go live in other parts of the world throughout the year to accommodate different implementation plans and variations in the golfing calendar.

Developed by The R&A and USGA in close coordination with existing handicapping authorities, the WHS will provide all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability, with handicaps calculated in the same way wherever they are in the world.

A key objective of the initiative was to develop a modern system, enabling as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a Handicap Index. Golfers will be able to transport their Handicap Index globally and compete or play a casual round with players from other regions on a fair basis. It will also indicate the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving the next time they go out to play.

World Handicap System Resources

Take a tour of some of the key resources supporting the new system which are tailored to;

  • National Associations
  • Golf Clubs
  • Players

Use the panels to discover more.

National Associations


​National Associations

​Golf Clubs


Resources for National Associations

Coming into 2020, more than 90 National Associations had attended an education seminar and a robust library of materials has been created to help them in the delivery of their own education programmes to state, regional and provincial associations and golf clubs.

National Associations are encouraged to utilise these resources – which include videos, posters, a PowerPoint presentation, and a template Player Guide.

The portal also provides the opportunity for National Associations to submit their discretionary choices and create their own Rule book.

Rules of Handicapping books are being produced and will be translated and delivered through national associations. 

WHS Online Resource Portal

National Associations are encouraged to utilise all resources available to them via This platform allows them to login and support their clubs with the new World Handicap System roll out.

Visit to login to the National Association Resource Portal.

Golf Clubs


​National Associations

​Golf Clubs


What should clubs do?

Implementation plans will vary around the world and golf club administrators are encouraged to engage with their National Association to obtain information regarding launch dates and the assistance they need to prepare themselves and their membership for transition to the World Handicap System.

National Associations have access to a series of golfer-focused materials, including videos, infographics and posters which can be shared with golf clubs to help ensure a smooth transition.

National Association Finder

Click HERE to find your national association on



​National Associations

​Golf Clubs


What should golfers do?

We have developed a series of resources including video, download and infographic materials for all golfers in the build up to the introduction of the World Handicap System.

Player Resources

For more resources and educational material for golfers please click HERE.

Players in Great Britain and Ireland can find additional resources on our WHS GB&I Hub

Click HERE to find out more information regarding the World Handicap System in your National Association on

3 Key Principles

The WHS is based on solid foundations, agreed early in the process:


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