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Ladies European Tour referees earn new R&A Rules qualification

The R&A
24 May 23
3 mins

A group of Ladies’ European Tour (LET) officials have achieved The R&A’s new Advanced Referee Qualification.

LET Referees and Tournament Directors recently came through the Level 4 qualification having been assessed across a number of competencies.   The qualification – which aims to assess and recognise the extensive knowledge required to referee at the top level by having the practical skills to referee and administer a tournament – is part of a four-level Rules Education programme run by The R&A in collaboration with national governing bodies. A team of DP World and Challenge Tour referees also recently achieved the Level 4 qualification.


In consultation with The R&A, all LET referees were assessed on their performance in seven areas of competency while working on Tour. The seven competency areas are: refereeing, course marking, course set-up, pace of play management, course notes for referees, local rules and managing suspension/resumption of play. Grant Moir, Executive Director – Governance at The R&A, said, “We are delighted that a team of Ladies’ European Tour referees have been approved as R&A Level 4 Advanced Referees. “In their work as referees at leading events across the world, these individuals excel in the various competencies week in, week out. We are pleased that, along with their DP World and Challenge Tour colleagues, they have embraced the opportunity to gain this new and important qualification.” The LET staff run professional tournaments every week for their members, delivering a high standard to the players competing. Their work includes producing various player-facing rules documents, setting up courses and delivering rulings to ensure competitions are played under the Rules of Golf and in the fairest way to achieve level playing field for all. 

Grant Moir - Executive Director – Governance

“We are pleased that, along with their DP World and Challenge Tour colleagues, they have embraced the opportunity to gain this new and important qualification.”


“We are honoured that The R&A proposed our staff to be certified at the highest level,” said Davide Lantos, Director of Tournament Operations at the Ladies’ European Tour. “All the staff were really excited to be part of this work.  “Education and a continuous growth in Rules of Golf knowledge both in theory and, especially in the practical application, is vital to run tournaments at every level in the right way.  “Players expect from us the best possible professional service in terms of tournament management and I think LET officials are delivering that every day. But this is another brick in the construction of our Rules education and we will keep studying and trying to improve.  “We would like to thank The R&A for taking the lead in this area and are delighted to follow our colleagues at the DP World Tour in achieving the Level 4 qualification.” Level 1 and Level 2 of the Rules Education programme is run in collaboration with national governing bodies using presentation and exam materials supplied by The R&A. On completion of a Level 3 Seminar, individuals have the opportunity to become a Level 3 Certified Referee further to obtaining sufficient practical experience in refereeing at events. The new R&A Advanced Referee Qualification at Level 4 then follows for those selected to advance to that stage.